View Full Version : Esophageal and Stomach Spasms

11-19-2016, 03:31 PM
Can anyone give me some guidance please. I have been to several docs for this and no one can get it figured out. In March I went to a chiropractor who cracked my rib he told me to take aleeve. In the second week of April I went to urgent care bc i thought i was having heart palpitations and terrible chest pressure. I was told it was gastritis. Unfortunately the doc I saw was retired military so he told me to tough it out with tums. 2 weeks later I wound up in the ER with a new feeling I believed to be Esophageal Spams. It feels like when you leave your stomach behind from a roller coaster or bubbles or just a quick kick right under my breastbones that can be felt in my throat as well if that makes sense. For me a few mins after I feel this I always have to burp. I had 2 ekg test at ER and past just fine. I was given the GI drink of Maalox and Lidocaine which did stop them for awhile. Priolsec gave me slight improvement for a few days then nothing after a month I swtiched to Nexium for 3 months same issue improved a little but then went back to spasms and now heartburn. Was given Bentyl for spams with not much help my pharmacist said Bentyl is for stomach spasms not Esophageal spams. Currently on Prevacid 15mg 2 a day heartburn still here spams still here. I was completely healthy before I got my rib cracked and took too much aleeve.