View Full Version : FODMAP VS Elimination Diet

12-21-2016, 02:50 PM
Hello all!

I started having problems with my gut at around age 14. I was busy with school and my social life and would abuse food and ignore my health. I wasn't eating many vegetables and lived off breads, pastas and take-outs. I would get an upset stomach a lot but just ignored it. Recently I turned 21 and started getting very tired all the time and having mood problems. I developed pretty major anxiety and started stressing a lot. I've had all my bloods and a stool sample done and everything was normal, I had my thyroid checked and it was completely healthy. It started getting a lot worse after I had a procedure at the hospital that flushed me full of ibuprofen and left me on 3 courses of antibiotics. I'm on a mission to heal my gut and get healthy. I've been exercising more, drinking more water and finding ways to manage my stress and anxiety. My only problem is weather I should go on the FODMAP diet, or an elimination diet. I am sure I have food sensitives, but I'm not sure which foods. I know the FODMAP is good for IBS but it allows some foods that the elimination diet does not, and vice versa. What did you guys find the most helpful?

Thank you.