View Full Version : Possible Ulcerative Colitis Despite no other signs?

01-09-2017, 11:27 PM
I've had bloody diarrhea for a few months and I finally decided to go to the doctor. They sent me for blood/stool tests (CRP, ESR, ect.) which all came back normal so they sent me for a colonoscopy. The GI said I had 'severe' Ulcerative colitis in the colon, despite all my blood tests being completely normal. I have no other symptoms at all (no joint/eye pain, abdominal pain, ect.) that I have been told are other symptoms of UC. The colonoscopy also noted that there were no polyps, inflammatory lesions, ect. I've been sent to do some more tests and am waiting on the biopsy results.

With all this in mind, is it possible that I may have something other than UC? I've been taking 40mg of Prednisolone and 4x Salazopyrin daily which has produced some results. Any thoughts or experiences?