View Full Version : Puffy eyes, extra fold of skin on eye lid, dark circles

01-14-2017, 05:00 PM
I have been struggling with puffy heavy eye lids. I have an extra fold of skin on my eye lid and dark circles. Im not sure if this is just a cosmetic issue or not because my eyes literally feel weighted down. I wear eye liner to hide them everyday but I'm tired of having to wear make up everyday to feel normal. Every time I dont wear it I'm constantly being told I look really tired.

04-30-2017, 08:58 AM
I don't think there is any solution but surgery. My brother developed droopy skin above his eyebrows that caused the skin to sag around his eyes. He had a minor surgery to remove a little of the loose skin that lifted his eyebrows and the small scars above his eyebrows disappeared with time. It made a significant difference in how he looks and looks perfectly natural. I don't know the cost,

I have seen advertisements for creams that supposedly get rid of the wrinkles and puffiness. But I have tried several and I do not believe any kind of cream can get rid of loose, saggy, puffy skin.

05-01-2017, 03:34 AM
Be careful wearing eyeliner around this area. Eye liner draws attention to the area, and you might actually be making it look worse and more noticable.

Have you tried Strivectin products? They really seem to work and tighten up the area around the eyes..

Surgery is an option, but also injectables might help. Have you visited a dermatolgist or cosmetic surgeon? Its quite possible that an injectible which lifts the skin, might be a temporary solution. It would need to be done a few times a year, but is less invasive than surgery...it might be worth looking into.