View Full Version : IBS or something else ??

01-23-2017, 06:14 AM
Hello ! I'm Sophie, i'm 23 yo. I ll try my best to shorten the story. I suffer from heath anxiety since last year when i googled some symptoms related to a gyno problem. turned out it was only an infection which has healed later on by treatment. Then i had some heart issues, i had chest pain and palpitations for almost two months. I got it checked and turned out it was again nothing, only anxiety messing with my body. I have to say that my symptoms dissapeared then. In june, after going to the swimming pool one day, i started having some GI symptoms like extreme bloating and gas, cramping and difficulties passing BM. Also, i had some rectal bleeding that lasted 3 to 4 days. I went to the ER i was checked by a surgeon and he diagnosed me with anal fissure and gave me a 2 week treatment. Also, i visited my GP concerning my pain and abdominal disconfort, had also an abdominal ultrasoud and nothing was wrong. i was diagnosed with IBS and i followed a treatment. I got better and i felt better from autumn till november when my symptoms got back. I went to a GI doctor and she gave me the same diagnosis, ibs and treatment. my symtoms got better again for almost 2 weeks, i made a mistake and stopped treatment and here i am again. My symtomps are bloating, cramping and pain. it s mild pain which is not localised, it s all over my abdomen, it s worse after big meals and it s more localised in the lower abdomen before my period. I also had some rectal bleeding once in november (after a spicy meal) and once in the beginning of january when i had trouble passing BM. The bleeding was fresh blood on the TP and only happened once, pain free. If my symptoms have not worsen over this period is it possible that it is only IBS given my anxiety ? Is it possible that the pain is only in my head and that the GI functions are not normal because of the stress caused by my fear of having colon cancer ? Should the rectal bleeding scare me and should i associate it with the cramping or it s because of the anal fissure detected last summer ? i always had trouble passing BM because of my diet which lacks fiber and i remember that i had rectal bleeding in my childhood, but that didn t scare me then because i was not having this anxiety and that i knew that my diet was to blame