View Full Version : what should do this has been going on for too long

02-01-2017, 01:58 AM
So for 3 years I've been having swollen painless lymph nodes 2 behind ear (don't move) 3 I think in neck they move , and 1 on chin I just found today and doesn't move ,I've been to ENTs the did CT scans of neck and say everuthing ia fine they are not enlarged, 3 years ago i had a really bad sinus infection i was diagnosed with chornic maxillary sinusitis, on january of 2016 they found a mass in my thymus about 2cm i went to a throatic surgeon been doing ct scans every 6 months no changes at all just waiting and watching,been doing blood work notjing comes abnormal. They are still the same size they dont change at times i feel pain in them but mostly on one back of my ear ,my question is should i go to a hematologist ? Or to another ENT i just want answers this has been going for too long thay im afarid i may be in the late stages :'( im only 20 I've been brushed off here and there by sooo many doctors

04-01-2017, 11:31 PM
Get a second or even third opinion. Write down all your symptoms and find a new doctor possibly an internal medicine dr if you are at a small hospital. If you don't feel listened too move on. Has anyone tried a round of antibiotics to rule out an infectious process?