View Full Version : Someone please read!? I need advice

02-11-2017, 06:11 AM
OK so last few years my anxiety has been sky high. I worry about everything especially my health a lot for last couple years.
I have always had Tinnitus but no one has done any tests to confirm that is what it is and I do have dizziness on and off for Las 3/4 years. That could all be anxiety related, I know but still concerns me.
Almost a 2 years ago I started getting bad ear pain, I would feel like pinching feeling build up in my ear canal & on the outter ear part when I turned my head to left it would hurt more.
At first doctors were saying i had ear infections was treated with all kinds of drops. THEN I saw a walk in doctor who did a swab and came back with Yeast ear infection. Finally used proper drops, that cleared up but pinching feeling and not being able to turn my head when there was a flare up was still there! Sometimes it happens weekly, sometimes I don't get pain at all for two weeks.
My family doctor was just brushing it off said it's probably just one of those things, we may never find out what it is and that he gets ear pain. He sent me to physio cause I do have bad posture and he thought that's what it was. It helped but I kind of slacked on the exercises lately and pain is back more again.
It could be my posture but I did research and that told me that someone ended up having brain tumor.
Anyone with this symptom like me? I'm freaking out , it's to long to be with this and my wedding is coming up. I really hate to be worrying. My doctor is finally sending me to neurologist but that's in September after the wedding ! I have to get MRI, I hope I get that done earlier because if that was bad I'm assuming I would get called in right away.


03-15-2017, 03:24 AM
This might be a long shot but have you seen a neurosurgeon? Maybe it's a neck issue. Certain herniated disk cause ear/facial/jaw/ sinus issues. My physical therapist told me that interesting fact.
I completely understand about the anxiety stuff. Dr. Googling sends me mine into overdrive. And then the fear of not being able to figure things out from dr hopping is enough to make anyone spiral down. Hang in there.