View Full Version : Left side pain and tightness near waist

02-14-2017, 08:38 AM
I am freaking out almost everyday thinking i have some kind of cancer and the thoughts of the tightness is creating this anxiety in me. I have seen my psychologist as i have schizophrenia, and he has prescribed me lorazepam for the anxiety. And i also have nausea and insomnia. I was given diazepam for the insomnia and lorazepam seems to help in the nausea too. It all started when i started noticing blood on my stools and everything just started spiraling downhill. Although the medicine helped the chills and the insomnia, which jolted me awake whenever i try to sleep, am i going to be on sleeping pills forever? I am taking health supplements now hoping the pain will go away as the product has had testimonies of pple being healed of terminal cancers. I have no courage to see a specialist as getting diagnosed will just spiral again into more checkups and i am worried of a wrong diagnosis. The pain seems to be from the intestines sometimes radiating to the back but that has subsided and the pain now seems to be felt more from the front. General tightness can be felt all around my stomach although more prominent at the left waist. I wake up worrying every morning and i wonder how long will it take for the pain to go away with my health supplement. Any thoughts on my situation. Sometimes i just wanna sleep and not wake up. Just to end this misery.