View Full Version : Just diagnosed with my 10th Melanoma in situ

02-15-2017, 03:48 PM
Hello- Newbie and my very first post. My skin cancer journey began over 30 years ago. Besides the Melanomas, I've also had 3 Squamous cell carcinomas and at least 10 basal cell carcinomas, not to mention over 30 abnormal dysplastic nevi, mostly moderate or severe. It's a never ending nightmare. My doctor wants me to go for genetic testing. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm scheduled for a wide excision on Friday. Thank you for reading.

03-14-2017, 01:02 PM
Hugs to you. I bet you feel like a pin cushion :(. I have only had 1 melanoma, stage 1b on my arm. I have had many moles removed and some were dysplastic, but I have been fortunate. I did actually have genetic testing done though. I was having genetic testing done for a different reason (heart related stuff that runs in my family) and the genetics lab that my doc uses charges a set fee for so many genes, so we through in the melanoma panel since I had it before and it was in a place that wasn't exposed to the sun ( the underside of my upper arm). I do have 1 gene mutation for cancer that is mostly associated with colon cancer, yikes! I am happy to share any info I have. Wishing you the best!