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03-29-2017, 02:15 PM
Cervical MRI

1. 4 mm AP extruded left posterolateral to foraminal herniation and osteophyte at C6-7, with severe left foraminal/entrance zone stenosis and C7 root compression, along with mild central stenosis.
2. 3-4 mm AP left sided herniation and osteophyte at the mildly degenerated C5-6, with mild left asymmetric central stenosis/cord flattening and mild left foraminal stenosis.
3. Uncinate osteophytes cause chronic severe left/moderate-severe right foraminal stenosis at C2-3, with left greater than right C3 root impingement.
4. No other high-grade stenosis or neural impingement.
5. No fracture, osseous neoplasm or infection and no intrinsic cord abnormality, including no syrinx, mass or myelomalacia.


In May of 2016 I had minimally invasive procedure done on L4/L5. Surgery went perfect. All symptoms gone.

Dec 2017 hurt cervical spine while lifting. Symptoms were immediate. Extreme pain between shoulder blades, left arm weakness, radiating pain in left arm, and tingling in first three fingers. Over the next few weeks, symptoms began in left leg. Pain in back and arm went away. Legs started with tingling and some pain in calf and quad muscle. That pain went away quickly. Symptoms progressed to both legs feeling heavy and weak equally. Both feet feel cold and clammy. I have no leg pain at all. I pass all the leg muscle tests with doc but after being on feet for a period of time they feel like i ran a marathon and shake.

Question: Would my leg symptoms be related to C5-6 / C6-7? Surgeon says he doesn't believe so. Any of you with cervical problems had similar symptoms in legs?

My recent lumbar MRI shows small reherniation. Had injections done last week with no changes in the feeling but it did help the tingling.

The pain between my shoulder blades has come back and its unbearable at times. No change in the fingers but radiating pain is gone. Surgeon want to do a two level mobi-c disc replacement in cervical region. Thoughts on that?

Any help appreciated!!

03-30-2017, 09:08 AM
Welcome to the board. The feeling of heaviness in the legs could be caused by a cervical issue IF there is compression of the spinal cord. Otherwise it is likely something else is going on in the lumbar spine. You may have reherniated a disc or something similar.

The MRI doesn't indicate cord compression severe enough to cause pain in the legs. There is a little bit of central canal narrowing at C5-7, but it is evaluated to be mild...this on a scale of minimal, mild, moderate, severe.

This is not the case with foraminal stenosis, which is judged to be severe at these same levels, on the LEFT side. The foramina are small openings located at each vertebral segment that allow the nerves to exit the spine to go out to the area of the body the nerve innervates. (You can look online for a dermatome map to see which nerve innervates a specific part of the body).

In your case, discs were damaged during lifting. At C6-7, the disc is extruded, meaning disc material is coming out of the disc. It is extending beyond the disc space, pushing into the foraminal opening and " clogging" it up, which keeps the spinal nerve from functioning normally. Pain and symptoms can be felt at the source of nerve compression, or anywhere along the path of the nerve.

At C5-6, there is a herniated disc but it is causing just a little bit of narrowing in the left foramen and a little bit of central canal stenosis, impacting the spinal cord slightly.

There are bone spurs at the C2-3 level on both the left and right sides, with the foraminal stenosis worse on the left side. Bone spurs are a sign that there is degenerative disc disease going on.