View Full Version : OCD intensifying because of crush.

04-09-2017, 03:29 PM
Hi! This is my first time on any sort of forum,but I couldnt find anything online to help otherwise.

Anyway I'm 16 and I have a crush on this cashier I see on a regular basis.She has short,shoulder length red hair and blue eyes which basically makes her a unicorn.We talk a lot every time I'm at the store (Barnes and noble).We have a lot in common and I like making her laugh.

I've had a huge elementary school crush on her since our first conversation. I have been diagnosed with OCD a little over a year ago along with anxiety and depression.Before, I would do things a certain amount (close doors,read over something,tap objects,say things multiple times)and it didnt really keep me from carrying on with Life.Recently however,I have found myself doing these things way more often because of my crush.For example:

'Blink three times or else she hates

'Play this song 3 times or she'll never like you'

Has been pretty much the mind set.I went to work the other day and it was TERRIBLE.Try carrying a huge tub of ice cream up stairs and then turning around and doing it 3 more times.I even placed a order for 3 times.My ocd has never been this debilitating before and its extremely frustrating.

I was wonderig I anyone has had the same experience and could offer some advice.