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04-22-2017, 03:07 AM
Hi everyone - I have been suffering with indigestion for the last year which eases a bit with PPIs but comes back whenever I stop taking them. I was booked in for an ultrasound and then an endoscopy yesterday.

The ultrasound was all normal (I think they were checking gallbladder). I have a severe phobia about things in my throat and a bad gag reflex so I opted for conscious sedation for the endoscopy. I remember the mouth guard going in, calming myself a bit because the mouth guard was big, a full feeling in my mouth and then being told still on the table lying in the same position that it was too dangerous they couldn't do it. I told the Consultant I was wide awake and they hadn't sedated me or told me to swallow and he said I had the maximum dose. They then all disappeared and I walked into the waiting room to be picked up. I was very upset that it hadn't been done and I'd had 2 weeks of severe discomfort from not being able to take omeprazole.

When the nurse came and saw me afterwards she said that I had got very agitated and attempted to remove the scope twice with had injured my mouth, so they couldn't proceed. She said that sometimes sedation can make things worse because they can't calm you or reason with you. I feel a bit cheated because I couldn't even try to be calm. I felt very agitated afterwards (and still do) so this would male sense. They have suggested a barium swallow instead.
I've read lots of stories about other peoples experiences with endoscopy but haven't seen any for people who couldn't have it done. I feel such a wimp, my husband said he knew I would fight anyone who tried to do that to me because I'm feisty! They haven't recommended trying again.

My question is will the barium swallow be good / accurate enough for indigestion symptoms? My reasoning is if it is, why wasn't I recommended that first time round? I'm not worried about the procedure itself. I want to know why I'm having the symptoms I'm having and be pretty confident that the test is accurate. Can anyone help

04-22-2017, 06:11 AM
Hi. Sorry you had such a hard time with the endoscopy. You should have been fully sedated before they even began this procedure! I recently had one, and I dont rembember anything after the doctor told me he was starting the sedation!

Ive also had a barrium swallow. Like you, they were really trying to figure out where all my pain has been coming from. I had an USound and CT prior- both of them not showing much of anything...my barrium swallow was enlightening and showed severe sludge in my gallbladder; and thickening of the GB walls.

I had my GB out yesterday along with a full exploratory on my insides. They said the ducts to my GB were very small and probably blocked, so its a good thing I had it out!

Take the barrium test. Its a pain to do, but it will be a better way to watch how things move through the digestive tract and help your GI docs figure out what is going on. You'll be fine with this test. Its not that bad.

Keep us posted!