View Full Version : oesophageal dismotility

04-26-2017, 01:06 PM
HI everybody!

I live in Montreal so my english is not perfect. Sorry in advance.

I am currently experiencing one of the worst experience of my life: oesophageal dismotility. The doc doesn't seem worried about that as she told me that kind of problem are nerve/anxiety related???She ruled out scleroderma and all other more dangerous disease. Still, I am really anxious about it and I've seen many people on the forums having these kind of problems and it's sometimes disapears by itself or sometimes it is just getting worse. I would like to get some reassurance from people who had this. My haunt have lived something similar when she was young but never made any medical tests to clarify the problem. She just told me that the food was getting stucked in her throat.. She went to see a psychologist and it just went away by itself... I mean, doctors don't have all the answers, they're just humans. But right now I am freaking out. I have started elavil 5 days ago on a very low dose 2,5mg and today 5mg. This is the treatment that ma doc gave me. Please please please, can someone help me!