View Full Version : Possibly lymphoma?

05-03-2017, 03:29 AM
Hi there, ever since the beginning of 2016 I have had enlarged lymph glands under my left armpit. I can feel pretty much all of them under there and I have had a doctor feel them and he said that they aren't worrisome and that I'm a hypochondriac. In that time from January of 2016 the lymph nodes have not grown or changed, however in that time there have been a few times where I have woken up soaked in sweat. And most recently which has made me being to worry more than anything about lymphoma again is that I've now found a new lymph glands under my right armpit and the most alarming thing is that I can't stop itching at night time like I literally get so itchy at night. I'm a 20 year old boy and I'm convinced this has to be lymphoma I'm having all the tell tale signs but I don't think doctors will take it seriously as they say all bloods are fine and they don't think the glands are worrying. I also get dizzy quite often during the day. I have however never lost weight in fact, I've put on 5 pounds since the start of 2017. Does anyone else think I could have lymphoma? I'm so scared