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05-24-2017, 03:43 PM
I have been sent to neurology from rheumatology. an mri of my brain with and without contrast showed signs of MS, or other disorder. so i was sent for cervical spine mri as well. Can someone please explain this report to me?

cervical vertebral body heights and alignment are maintained. there is no fracture. intervertebral disc spaces are preserved. the cervical spinal cord is normal in signal and caliber. craniocervical junction is unremarkable. there is no abnormal enhancement. cerebellar tonsils are not low-lying. There is no discbulge/disc herniation or central spinal canal stenosis. no bilateral neural foraminal narrowing throughout the cervical spine.

05-24-2017, 05:40 PM
Hi barsandf,

There doesn't appear to be anything wrong mechanically with your spine and no sign of MS.

05-24-2017, 08:25 PM
Thank You so much gor your response. that can ease my mind until my appointment. I'd like an opinion on the meaning of one more please.

Brain MRI unenhanced and Enhanced

There are no midline anomalies. The craniocervical junction is unremarkable. There is no midline shift or mass effect or intracranial hemmirrhage. Ventricles are normal and there are no hydrocephalus and the fourth ventricle is midline. Scattered frontal and parietal hyperintense foci subcortical and deep white matter on the flair and T2 images. The posterior fossa is unremarkable. There is no pathologic enhancement, leptomeningeal, parenchymal or vascular, after contrast was administered. The visualized paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are unremarkable.

05-25-2017, 04:50 AM
Scattered frontal and parietal hyperintense foci subcortical and deep white matter on the flair and T2 images

The MRI detected foci (lesions). Flair and T2 has to do with MRI sequences and not findings. Everything else was found to be normal. Brain lesions have many different causes.

In your MRI reports, brain and spine, there should be an impression section. In that section it will give possible causes for findings, but is not a diagnosis.

05-25-2017, 06:40 AM
Thank you!