View Full Version : Is this the flu or am I dying

05-29-2017, 10:54 PM
So Wednsday (it's now monday) I started feeling nauseous. Vomited once then fatigue and stomach ache the rest of the day. Thursday came explosive diarrhea. Everything from a single grape to sips of water came out in less than 20 min. Friday fatigue some diarrhea but nothing major. Saturday same. Sunday appetite finally came back but still the stomach, again some diarrhea but nothing else. Today I felt fine. A little constipated if anything. Ate a decent lunch then proceeded to do a very tough workout. Ate again after the gym as well as a protein shake and felt funny. Not sick but bloated. 3 hours after dinner while brushing my teeth i brushed a little too far back on my tongue and vomited everywhere. Not concerned about that too much, but I am concerned about seeing the hot dogs from lunch, and the smell of chocolate (that could be the protein shake but smelt like the Reese I ate at 10am this now being 11pm) and something unidentifiably green. (Lettuce from yesterday's lunch or asaparagas from last night's dinner) I am an over thinker and a bad Googler so my brain is now convinced my body has stopped digesting food altogether. Though I know this is likely not true. Is this just me over eating after my workout or left over virus from the flu?

05-30-2017, 01:46 AM
Cut your poor body some slack and let it recover. Light foods, no or very little dairy, push clear fluids and rest for a couple of days. You will survive without a workout til then. Sera