View Full Version : Sharp stomach pain on every movement + slow stomach emptying

06-04-2017, 06:06 AM

I have unusual symptoms - sharp stomach pain on each movement/stretch/exercise, happening only after I eat, in the first hours after a meal. The pains are severe and I hardly lift even a bottle of water in the first hour after a meal, I cannot stretch or bend without pain. Then in the next hour pain decreases and after 4-5 hours when the stomach is empty, the pains completely disappear. Pains are only when there is meal in the stomach, on empty stomach there is absolutely no pain.

My problem arose 3-4 years ago, but symptoms strongly increased in the last year. Diagnoses from Gastroscopies and X-rays are: Elongated stomach, Cascade stomach, GERD, Gastritis. The last gastroscopy showed “Gastric volvulus” and the doctor performing it told me he fixed it during the gastroscopy. I made a stomach X-Ray shortly and they told there was no Gastric Volvulus anymore, although I will double check this with another doctor.

I eat healthy foods for the most of the time, and now I made additional diet modifications to exclude irritating foods like lemons, spicy foods and others. I did drink Nexium 40mg a couple of months, no changes.

The situation is becoming worse, I have lost a lot of weight, I am eating less and less food, not because of lack of appetite, but because stomach empties slower now.

Been to the best doctors around, they say symptoms are unusual, and no proper diagnosis so far. Some say it is stress related (some form of dyspepsia). I had thoughts of Gastric Vouvulus making the problems, or some atrophies related to the stomach lining (the muscle layers that lie there).

I am male, in my thirties, in case this matters.

Sorry for the long text and thanks to everyone who read this.
Any tips in finding the proper diagnosis would be greatly appreciated.