View Full Version : Medical mystery! Weak urination stream, cant ejaculate, abdominal pain

06-16-2017, 05:31 PM
Im dealing with a medical mystery and i need answers! This has been on going for months now! My urination has a very weak stream, i cannot ejaculate(this started about 2 weeks ago), i get abdominal pain (in particular right around the belly button and or left side of stomach) also ive been dealing with constipation. I had a ct scan done by a urologist and thats when they said i was constipated. Had a colonoscopy done snd nothing was wrong. Ive also had my blood drawn 3 times, a couple urine samples (no signs of infection) ive had a finger up my butt twice(lol prostste exam?) went back to the uriologist and bevause im only 26 years old he swears its probably an infection. Been on an antibiotic for a week so far with no results. Im lost, confused, depressed. I just want answers! I take clonipine and vivaynse AS perscribed