View Full Version : Scared about high platelet count

07-12-2017, 09:26 AM
I am going in today for a follow up appt to check
On an elevated platelet count. I have read online
That this is the best predictor of cancer.

I deal with anxiety anyway and this has put me over the edge.
I stayed home from work so my colleagues don't
See methis stressed out.

Any experience with this?

09-22-2017, 03:11 AM
hi cricketbella,
try not to overworry. its difficult i know, i get stressed too. i am 30 and i have had high platelets since i was about 17-18. they accidentally found out i had 650000 plts. before that i had 200,000. as my family consists of many docs i had to have many many tests, and they always told me i MIGHT have cancer somewhere. its been 13 years since and i still have high platelets but no cancer. i used to work at a hospital and everytime i had a check up the docs would come to me ...get serious..and talk to me about having bone marrow tests. i had to convince the doctors i actually didnt have cancer lol. both my parents had cancer, they never had high platelets. please dont read what they say online, and just wait for the tests. doctors sometimes just scare us for no reason ( i was told i was dying from emphysema and my lungs are fine.....). i hope it all turns out to be nothing serious for you! stay calm