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07-25-2017, 01:56 PM
Hello All!

I been on here for couple months now but finally decided to make a post. My 70 yrs mom had a 3 level ACDF surgery done at UCLA medical center here in Los Angeles. and had a complication afterwards where she was coughing constantly due to her inability to manage her own secretions. She ended having an NG tube place directly after surgery and a more permanent PEG tube before being discharged. We were in the hospital for almost a month. We are now 3 months post op and she is no longer coughing anymore and managing her secretions better but she still has phelgm/saliva build up that gets caught in a pocket of her throat that gets tricky to clear up. At this point were just relieve she is back home but being on 100% feeding tube has been a major adjustment for her and my family. She has speech therapy with exercises and she has been able to tolerate some water with thickener added so were hoping it will lead her to the right direction eventually with some real foods like apple sauce and such. I been doing a lot of research on the forums and I am still hoping that time will heal her and I am really hoping it is not the plate that is causing issue because I am not sure she can tolerate another major surgery like this to remove it. We still haven't done a barium swallow test. She did do a largnael scopy by ENT early on about 3 weeks after surgery that just show weak swallowing muscles. Her voice is fine, originally very horse and quiet but over time the last 3 months got better. She just sounds a little gurgling sometimes if she has phelgm stuck in her throat. Does anyone have any insite or advice for this? We been emotionally and physically drained but my mom been staying strong although i can tell it is hard on her daily.

Thank you in advance,


07-31-2017, 07:33 AM
Welcome to the board. I am sorry no one has responded to you. I am very sorry your mom is having to deal with these unfortunate complications. I have only had lumbar spine surgeries so I don't have much to offer. Often it just takes time for swelling to go down for the complication to resolve or ameliorate.

I'm sure your mom really appreciates your support. I hope someone can provide some suggestions for you.