View Full Version : racing thoughts/forgetting/lists

07-29-2017, 07:47 AM
hi all! first time posting here. i have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and ADD and believe i also have OCD. i am currently taking lexapro and concerta and am coming off of effexor. in the last few years i have struggled with a list-making obsession that has taken over my life. i get worried that every thought that runs through my head is important and i have trouble letting passing thoughts go. sometimes they are things i need to remember to do/buy, but as more thoughts come and go it becomes a lot of useless chatter. it gets easier when i distract myself and i'm not thinking about my thoughts, but they do build up over time. i would just distract myself constantly, but i'm worried about falsely trusting my memory and forgetting important things. i am reluctant to change medications because lexapro is the only one that had really helped my mood. these thoughts and obsessions are the only thing still holding me back. if anyone has dealt with this i would love to hear your thoughts.