View Full Version : Neurolgical/Muscular digestive disorder

08-22-2017, 06:32 AM
I've been sick now for three years. My digestive disorder seems somehow to be linked to a neurological or muscular problem. For almost two years I had constant rumbling noises coming from my intestines. Lately it has gotten better and I can sleep again on my left side. Somehow the problem would get worse when I would lie on my left side. I also haven' looked healthy since 3 years. My blood circulation somehow seems to get influenced by this. The more I exercises the worse it gets. Back exercises seem to influence my digestion. Walking makes everything worse. After a long walk my abdomen looks like it's swollen. But no cooling or heating cream will make a change. It seems like there is a muscle or nerve problem deep inside my abdomen that causes the swelling.

Anyone with similar problems??
I've been taking big doses of L-Cysteine with Vitamin C befor it all started. Somehow I think the L-Cysteine causes my nerves in the intestines or muscles to go haywire