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Need truth
09-09-2017, 02:10 AM
Ive noticed a alot of tid bits that have seem to sliped my mind. Here ade a few that i do remember: droopyness, redness around the nose ( maybe its just sinus ) , mood swings, blinking, moaning/jerking while asleep.

I have threatin to call of the marriage and put her on the streets if she dont fess up the truth... No luck...

I realize now that wasent the greatest idea, but i was desperate. How was i suppose to know, this is new to me.

Im tired of reading and reading AND READING! Im ready to speak with someone who can help me HELP HER!

We have been threw so much together in just 8-1/2 yrs, includeing sleeping in a field together for a week. Because my mom threw us out. So just because my mom didnt like her, of course none of the other fam did. I knew prior to that, she deff had no where to go, her own dad dis-owned her ��.

Up till now, shes been my rock when i needed her most... I want to help her, but i need some outside help. I have absolute no idea where to begin ��...

Thx in advance!

Need truth
09-09-2017, 02:12 AM
Im not willing to give up on her just because this dark cloud crept up on her ans swallowed her whole...