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09-28-2017, 01:00 AM

Well my story is I was recently diagnosed with nodular melanoma (on my ear). My dermatologist removed most of the tumor with a shave biopsy on my left ear and was told the tumor was .04mm in size and .65mm deep undetermined (meaning the biopsy did not get the root of the melanoma so not sure how deep it is) and my clark stage is 1B. My dermatologist referred me to the University of Chicago to have a melanoma specialist provide additional treatment (I'm told any tumor above the shoulders you have to see a plastic surgeon). Well the initial appointment was Sept 26th with the surgeon and he wants to remove the rest of the tumor and do a SLNB. My surgery is scheduled for October 25th. He told me not to worry, but I feel like he tells everyone that. My wife also tells me not to worry but to be honest I'm shaking in my boots;) . A month ago I knew very little about melanoma and after much research and reading message boards this disease or "Beast" as it is referred to is nothing to take lightly.

If anyone is willing to share their story...I'd much appreciate it!!!

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09-29-2017, 07:17 PM

Sorry you got diagnosed, but on the bright side, looks like you were lucky to have caught it early, the depth is <1mm that is good. I think usually nodular is caught rather late as it goes deep fast, so that is lucky. Will that mean you don't need the sentinel node biopsy ? Sounds like you will be in good hands.

Was the mole there long? Was it very rounded or dome shaped? I am curious as I am waiting on biospy results of a small 2mm mole that was round and a little elevated. It was black and it looks like it could be nodular but without the dome shape. Round, and all one color.

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09-29-2017, 10:19 PM
Hello Andia,

Thanks for replying and I'm hope your biopsy is negative. Mine was not a mole it just appeared there one day. I'm told they are going to do a SNB because they don't know the exact depth. Not too happy about it but want to make sure no traces of melanoma in lymph node.

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