View Full Version : I think my tattoo might be infected ?

11-05-2017, 12:53 AM
I got my second tattoo last Saturday. So it's been a week. Its still red. Mostly on one corner and super dry. My wrist advices me to stop using the ointment after 4 days and switch to lubriderm . I feel like it hasn't help. Its also my first shades in tattoo. What do you guys and girls thinks ?

11-05-2017, 09:01 AM
There are so many Unknowns to this situation. I have several tattoos and some are shaded; others are not.
It can be that the tattoo really irritated your skin or that you are allergic to one of the dyes...it could be that the tattoo artist went too deep in an area...or you could be allergic to whatever you used on it. Were you using an antibiotic ointment? They are not recommended for tattoos and can cause allergic reactions.
Lubriderm is usually only used once the tattoo has healed- using it too soon may aggravate and spot the ink.

There are several products on the market made specifically for tattoo healing. Have you tried any of them? They have natural herbs in them which will not irritate or disrupt the ink and help it heal faster. Ive seen them in box stores and drug stores- I buy mine online.

I would stop using lubriderm right now- either drive by the tattoo shop OR go see a dermatologist for an opinion on whether this is infected or not..more than likely its not- as long as you are comfortable that the studio is reputable and clean- its probably just having a tough time healing.

Keep it clean with an antibiotic soap such as dial or something very simple. Keep it uncovered- and think about using a good tattoo gel on it for a few more days. Stay away from antibiotic creams and Vaseline and they can both spot up the ink.

Good luck!