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11-22-2017, 09:04 PM
I've been through complete hell for the past 6 months! This first started 12 years ago. I was in high school, 15 or 16 years old. Woke up with these weird blind spots throughout my vision. Thought it was an optical migraine because I got those a lot then. But it wouldn't go away. After two days my mother brought me to the e.r. and I got told it was anxiety and sent home. This lasted about 6 weeks and went away. Fast-forward 3 years it happened again. I was home from school on break sitting on our front porch. Looking across the street at our neighbors house I noticed I only saw half the house. Everything I looked at had chunks gone. Not black spots, but it was just non existent. Again, thought it was a migraine and went to lay down, fell asleep for a few hours woke up and it was horrible. I was terrified of these vision problems coming back. This lasted a few months and slowly resolved. I was fine for 2 years. Life was great! I got done with school, got into a great relationship and had a healthy baby girl August of 2010. About March of 2011 I started having vision problems again. This time was different. Things got really blurry, I was seeing double off and on and I had a lot of really spotty vision Constantly but I had some days better than others. I saw an ophthalmologist who said my eyes are great. Sent to a neurologist and had a complete work up. MRI /lumbar puncture/EEG/vep. Nothing was found. Between appointments, about 4 months after this started, thing slowly got better and again, I was fine. But April 2013 it started again. I noticed a pattern, every time this happened it got a lot worse. This time I got it all. Blurry vision , spotty vision , double vision, weak and dimmed vision, eye pain, and whenever I woke up, my eyes would roll around uncontrollably for several minutes. I noticed a huge blind spot that never went away. Usually they would come and go all day. I saw the eye doctor again and I had a retinal hemorrhage. It healed but the blind spot remains to this day. I had a complete workup again with my eye doctor and saw a new neurologist. They repeated all of the same tests and everything was normal. I couldn't work anymore. I was terrified again that I'm loosing my vision. But after this completely overwhelming 6 month, thing started getting better. I was fine until July 2017. I was driving home from work, it was 12am. I noticed I couldn't see parts of the road. I made it home and had a full blown panic attack which caused me to pass out. I woke up at 7am the next morning in panic and got a ride to the hospital. This time I got it all again. Blurry vision , spotty vision , double vision, weak and dimmed vision, eye pain, and whenever I woke up, my eyes would roll around uncontrollably for several minutes. I got sent to see an eye doctor and everything was fine with my eyes. Immediately got sent to a neurologist. He repeated all the testing I've had done and everything was normal again. I noticed a big blind spot in my right eye again, and it didn't go away. Went back to the eye doctor and he found another retinal hemorrhage. He said its due to high blood pressure but the visual issues he still can't explain. So I have two huge blind spots in my right eye for life I guess. I saw my gp and he started blood pressure meds but insisted besides the hemorrhages that my blood pressure isn't causing my vision issues. I also have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and low iron anemia with no blood loss. My diet is and always has been iron rich. But the neurologist eye doctor and gp says none of this should be causing these vision problems. I'm still going through it and it's not going away. I keep hoping it will. Again I'm out of work and my life is a mess. Constantly anxious and depressed and just scared. Any ideas on what keeps happening to me I would be forever grateful

11-23-2017, 07:31 AM
So sorry to hear this. Did you say you saw a retinal specialist? When I had my eyes checked recently for new glasses some blood spots were noticed behind my retina. I was sent to a retinal specialist and the next week had laser surgery, but I had already some permanent peripheral vision loss in one eye. These blood spots can also be due to anemia, which was true in my case. I had shoulder surgery months earlier and lost half my blood and had to be transfused.

If you haven't yet seen a retinal specialist (not an ophthalmologist) then I hope you can do so soon. If you already are seeing one then I hope you get some answers soon. Retinal hemorrhages can be caused by high B/P, high cholesterol, Diabetes, anemia and other systemic issues. It might be worthwhile to find a retinal clinic, where all they deal with are problems with the retina, macular degeneration and such.

Hope you can find some answers soon


11-23-2017, 08:21 AM
I haven't seen a retina specialist. I think I should at this point. I'll mention it to my doctor. Thank you for the advice.