View Full Version : My husband died, Iím extremely depressed!

02-06-2018, 05:36 PM
My husband of 45 years died in January with a massive heart attack. It was so unexpected because he wasnít ill. In fact we were getting ready for our granddaughters birthday party that evening. I am totally devastated...canít sleep, canít eat..I feel like Iím a walking zombie. I feel numb. I think I need an antidepressant to help me through this nightmare. Does anyone on the board have any suggestions which one to ask my dr for? Iíve never taken an antidepressant before.
Thank you for any suggestions!

02-07-2018, 03:33 AM
Hello there. I am so sorry for your loss. I cant even imagine what you are going through...45 years is a very long time. Thats amazing that you were together that long. Your loss must really feel profound.

I think the very first thing you need to do- you have already done. You have admitted that you could use some help and are considering going to your doctor about this. Please do that as soon as you can!

You dont have to know what to ask for...that is the job of your doctor. No one should suggest drugs to you, because each drug comes with their own side effects and many react with other situations. Such as if you have high blood pressure, or if you take a Statin...or if you have a weight issue...these are things that your doctor needs to take into consideration to make the right choice for you to help you. Your doctor is the ONLY person who should be making this decision.

The good news is that no matter what- something will help with the anxiety and the depression and you are on your way to feeling better as soon as you get that appt with your doctor.

In the meantime, please look into grief therapy. Your church, your local hospital, your local women's club- even your doctors office may have some suggestions. Talking to others who have been through what you have been through will help you cope. Making a few new friends doing this is also a bonus. You need to be around people who understand- and to keep busy...keeping busy will help you move through this....that being said, dont beat yourself up for feeling the way you do.. this is a horrible time which you DO need to get through in order to move forward.

You are very brave for knowing what you need to do. Please make that call to your doctors office and talk to him/ her about your needs.

Stay strong and dont forget to take care of yourself.