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02-14-2018, 07:34 AM

Wondering if someone knows if this sounds like I could possibly have Sjogrens.
I went to my primary because I have been having severe joint pain (worse in mornings /late night) in my hands, feet, legs even chest , and back area. It is so bad I can barely walk ....helps to take a hot bath and once I get moving feels a little better . I also have extremely dry eyes (they feel really gritty) and very dry mouth....ongoing mouth sores on sides of mouth and tongue, have also had salivary gland issues as well. In the mornings I have pins and needles feelings in my hands it's so bad I can barely turn off my alarm. I have IBS, TMJ and a history of migraines (wake up some mornings with really bad headaches). I don't sleep well at night and have ongoing fatigue. My primary ran a bunch of blood work....all came back within range or Negative except for the :Sjorgrens ABS (SSA,SSB)

The results were ABS-SSA was 5.4 POS but the SSB was <1.0 Neg.
Since the SSA tested positive but the SSB was negative could I possibly have
Sjogrens? My primary has referred my to see rheumatology (but can not get in until the middle of April). Everyday I am dealing with extreme pain and fatigue .... my eyes are so dry I am constantly putting in drops (Systane). My Doctor said rheumatology will probably run more tests etc. If it is Sjogren's what do they do/prescribe for it and do the symptoms ever get better???

The following are the other tests she ran:
C-Reactive Protein: <0.5mg dl
Anti-Nuclear Antibody Panel:Negative
RF Screen (Iu) 8.6 mL
SM and SM/RNP ABS <1.0 Neg A1
Sjogren's ABS (SSA,SSB): ABS SSA: 5.4 (Positive) & SSB:<1.0 (Negative)
Cell Count- all within normal range
ESR: 8mm

Any feedback would greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks much,

02-14-2018, 10:56 AM
Hi....i can't answer about the tests because I'm waiting for my appointment for a Rheumy regarding sjogrens as well.

The treatment would be some form of immunosupressant....my sister is on Imuran.

There are other eye lubricants you can try. I'm going through a few now. My most recent is Blink, and it feels good.....much better than Systane.
I also use Biotene mouth spray. I recently saw in a drug store that Colgate has a toothpaste for dry mouth....Maybe something to look into.
Im going to write down the tests you had and check if I've been tested for them..

Possibly you could call the rheumy office and see if you can be put on a cancellation list?

02-15-2018, 07:31 AM
Hi Q,
Thanks for the info. I am going to try the Blink drops and Biotene.
Do you have a lot of joint pain as well? Hope your appointment goes well.

02-15-2018, 11:47 AM
Hi...i have joint pain, but not consistent unless there is new arthritis presenting in fingers or issues with elbow from repetative strain, or knees or toes, but my back and neck and hip are constant with varying degrees of intensity. Much of my issues are muscular as well.

You will probably have yiur appt before mine. Please let me know how it goes. I can prepare for mine with your info.

Regarding drops....i do need a redness/allergy drop as well. I used the bausch & Lomb for years, but now new formula hasnt got the same perfect results. I've switched to Naphcon A....ho hum, but will be trying others. I find that some are causing puffiness under my eyes, but that might be another issue. Mighty ticked at dealing with that kind of something continually. There is security and mental/physical relief when successful products are available.

Forgot to ask....are you dealing with other health issues?