View Full Version : Fiancé Doing Unidentifiable Drug - Please Help

04-02-2018, 05:15 AM
I found out after we were dating that my fiancé had a pain pill addiction issue that took him to a short rehab program and he said he ultimately detoxed himself. I had noticed him having weird sleeping habits so I followed him one day and saw him go to an unknown house. He stayed for around an hour (lying about what he was doing) then came home. I found one plastic baggy filled with around 3-4 small bags of a white powdery substance. I then later, after a trip to a house a couple doors down, found a white substance rolled up in a piece of mail but this substance appeared to be less smooth and possibly a pill crushed. Some days he is full of energy while others he sleeps for what seems like all day. Some nights he can’t sleep and stays awake downstairs all night while others he can barely wake up. I have no frame of reference when it comes to drugs and I am afraid to approach him about this because he can have mood swings. Please help.