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04-03-2018, 02:44 PM
Several years ago my regular doc ran lab work for Celiac due to severe bloating and diarrhea. The result was negative but since I was still having the same problem months later, I quit gluten on my own and within a few days I was already feeling better... I've remained gluten free and have also eliminated dairy and nightshades from my diet. I still have some bloat here and there since then but nothing to the degree that I was at originally.

Recently I changed GP doctors because my previous one blamed everything that I went to see her for on my weight. Based on the the above information (neg Celiac) my new GP wants to me to have a colonoscopy for possible Crohn's and to also have a colon cancer check (due to being over 50) PLUS I'm having swallowing issues so he wants the Gastro to perform an endoscopy at the same time. I don't know why he suspects Crohn's ..is it because of the diarrhea from several years ago?

Here's my main problem: I'm very modest and can't imagine talking about these things in detail plus have someone putting a tube up me ..in addition to that I'm overweight so I'm even more embarrassed. I also feel like I might say something inappropriate and unkind when I'm "put under" for the procedure(s).
I know this all sounds silly ..but it is how I feel. Please don't judge .. I'm just very overwhelmed with anxiety over this.

04-03-2018, 03:56 PM
Hi. I can understand why you would feel like you do, but having had 15 colonoscopies and endoscopies; I am here to tell you, there is nothing to it!

First of all, you can find a female doctor if that makes you feel better. Call around and see who has one in your area....but honestly, even if the doctor is male; here is what you can expect.

You will be taken into an area where you will put on a gown, open in the back. You can wear sweatpants under it right up until they wheel you in. You will have met your anesthesiologist- and they will have started an IV in your arm.

When it is time to go in, you take off the sweatpants, but you will be under blankets- lots of them. You can pull them up to your chin! Once in the room you will be told to roll over on your left side...there will be nurses by your head, your doctor will be looking down at you from the side. You will see a TV screen with nothing on it. Then, they will administer the drugs through the IV. You will remember NOTHING after that!

I've seen colonoscopies done. The doctor doesn't ever look at your butt- he or she is looking at the screen the entire time. The tube has a camera on it and this is how they know what is in there- by watching the screen. The tube itself is no bigger than a straw, and once you are asleep it will be inserted (with lots of lubricant) usually by the nurse who then hands the end of it to the doctor. He will move it around but honestly, he isnt looking at you...just the screen. When it is time to take it out, it comes out very quickly and is immediately thrown into the sterilizer bag- and you are wheeled to recovery. Again, the blankets will be pulled up to you chin!

Just like a gyn is embarrassing the first few times- GI doctors do this day in and day out...to them it is a way of potentially saving someone's life! They consider it a privilege to do that...they see all sizes and shapes, colors and religions- they don't judge, I promise.

Get the tests. You'll be amazed how fast it is over (usually within 20 minutes for a colonoscopy and another 9 minutes for an endoscopy (Which goes down your throat, no need to be embarrassed for that at all). Within an hour you will be on your way home!

Piece of cake and the single most important test you can have done. Colon cancer and other issues of the colon are both preventable and fixable but only if they catch them early.

I hope this helped alittle.