View Full Version : Think I'm on my way to a lymphoma diagnosis.

04-21-2018, 07:11 AM
Well about a month ago I started noticing some swollen lymph nodes. At the time I had lost a bit of weight but I had also started a medication that totally zapped my appetite. I've since got off the medication and have gained back most of the weight. My swollen nodes are located: 2-3 on left side of neck, 2-3 on right side of neck. None are tender or painful. They are pea-marble size. I also have a little larger than pea size lymph node on the right supraclavicular lymph node. And I believe I feel a pea size lymph node on my left supraclavicular lymph node. All move except one behind my ear, this is hard and does not move. My first doctor I saw referred me straight away to oncology. Scared me to death. Then they wouldn't see me without a biopsy or CT. See a general surgeon but she doesn't think any of my nodes are concerning. At that time, you couldn't really feel the supraclavicular lymph nodes. So she sent me on my way. I went to a different primary care doctor who said she thought I was ok, my wbc was slightly elevated and neutrophils so she said she thought I had an infection. She orders CT scan for my piece of mind. At this time I start freaking out and go back to general surgeon and demand a biopsy. She was able to feel the supraclavicular lymph node this time but stated it was teensy. Of course it feels more prominent to me. She agrees to do biopsy (this is coming up on Friday). I had the CT scan and it didn't give me piece of mind. My chest was totally clear for lymph nodes. But I did show swollen nodes in my abdomen. But when I saw swollen they were 1.2 cm and under. I haven't had any night sweats or been itchy. At this point my only real symptoms are the nodes. I had seen that hodgkins doesn't skip over areas which made me feel better, but then I saw that non hodgkins does... and that is worse than hodgkins. I am just so scared! I am only 25 and I already have crippling anxiety. I don't know what to think at this point. None of my nodes are huge but I have lots of smaller ones. Anyone have hodgkins/ non hodgkins present this way? JUST lots of small nodes? I would feel much better if I didn't have the swollen supraclavicular lymph nodes.