View Full Version : Help!! 13 y/o son experiencing rectal pain with IBS

05-10-2018, 12:18 PM
My son, who is unofficially diagnosed with IBS (After many tests, doctors never diagnosed) is experiencing something like rectal pain. I'm not sure exactly where the pain is located, but it's low, (not anal) and hurts when he stands up, or with movement. He says pain is a 7 out of 10. This is a new symptom and I'm a bit worried. I am reluctant to call the doctor, as they'll want to see him and it'll be awkward for my son, who's already embarrassed of symptoms. He said he hasn't pooped much in the last 3 days, however, this morning he went a little. Unfortunately, he's not great at paying attention to frequency, consistency, etc. I'm a little worried about a blockage, at this point, but I know there are other possibilities. I'm not sure whether to give him Miralax, or if that will make the symptoms worse. Currently, I have him on clear liquids, and we'll wait to see what happens. I'm reaching out in hopes of some insight. And please know, I'm closely monitoring him and will absolutely call the doctor if his symptoms warrant.
Thanks for your insight.