View Full Version : Alchohol tobacco addict debt ridden

06-22-2018, 06:32 AM
hi all,
this is my first post... my husband has to repay his dues from bank as well as outsiders. He drinks everyday and chews tobacco every half an hour... i married him 2.5 years ago.. i trusted him lot and we have a baby who is 1 and half year old... i am worried about my baby and ofcourse myself... he is saying he would earn well and not to worry.... he did not let me go for job interview as he thinks baby is too little to be left at baby sitting for hours.... but he doesnt understand the fact that to get rid off all debts he must first stop drinking.... even when we have very less money... he goes out to wine shop and buys whisky.... he drinks 180 ml of whiskey regularly and he chews tobacco with beetlenut ... my brother in law is unemployed and he too has lot of drinking habit and chewing tobacco... he is unmarried.... his parents (my husband and bro in law's parents) are spendthrifts ... they too keep travelling lot even when they have lots of debts ..... i dont understand what hell i m living in..... can all this stop .... atleast what can i do so my husband stops drinking and chewing tobacco

06-22-2018, 10:26 AM
I don't know if you CAN stop him from doing that stuff.....he has to want to stop. Are you certain that you want to remain married to him? That's something you DO have control over.......think about it

06-23-2018, 04:19 AM
Since your husband isnt doing anything illegal, you really cant stop him from doing what he is doing...the better question is do you want to live with this and is this how you want to raise your child?

You can only control yourself, not others..you have a choice whether to live like this or to leave him. You could leave him and demand that he gets a job and acts like a father/ provider- and then you'll come back..or you could leave and make a new life for yourself and your baby..either way the decision is yours.

Good luck. This will not be easy.