View Full Version : when will the grief hit?

12-24-2018, 03:11 AM
my darling mother passed on 4th December and although I cried when she passed and at her funeral, I just can't grieve as I can't accept she is really gone

12-24-2018, 07:43 AM
I am so sorry for your loss, sammy. :(

I don't think there is any set time frame or time limit for grieving. Someone once told me that we cannot concentrate on two things at once. Life does go on and there are matters that need our attention. To me, what we feel is about what we consciously dwell on.

We can have times when we may be feeling thankful that a loved one's pain and suffering is over with, or remember the person with joy, then another time we may break down because the loved one is no longer here to talk things over with. We can remember her smiles with joy sometimes, and other times we might feel sad that she is not there to share an experience or to advise us.

There are no rules or limits on to how or when or how long to grieve.