View Full Version : Possible blood issues and phlebotomy issue

12-25-2018, 06:13 PM

I have been trying to find a solution to this problem. About 10 years ago my doctor (previous doctor) ran some tests on my blood and came up with elevated iron counts. I then tested positive for one of the two matching genes for Hemochromatosis. My doctor suggested phlebotomy which I utilized and actually felt better. However somehow in the past I contracted Hepatitis B which my body cleared but antibodies will be left behind. So now I can't donate blood (after 2 donations 10 years back). I have seen a Hematologist but the one I saw (and one other in the past) refused to give me a prescription to get a phlebotomy. No one in the donation centers will accept me. The iron count tested once extremely high and then once just above acceptable (still high however). The second test was two years ago or so. I also have very high red blood cell counts which have been prevalent in the last 6 years. My red blood count was at a 47 out of 49 a donation center once told me and even before the Hepatitis antibody discovery they were reluctant to accept me (but did). I have had high red blood cell counts on every other blood test I have taken (some tests are in the teens for measurements but still high on that range also).

I would like phlebotomy even if I have to pay for it but I just can't come up with a solution.

Should I pester different Hematologists and incur more bills?

Whats my move here?

Thank you.