View Full Version : Did they hit a nerve?!!

02-21-2019, 02:47 PM
I've just had a procedure to drain a ganglion cyst in the back of my knee. its been 1 week & my knee is still sore! it hurts more in the back where they drained it..and the back of my lower thigh & calf is throbbing with burning pain...sometimes there's a subtle vibrating feeling in that lower leg.. it feels a lot like nerve pain...ive got neuropathy so i know the darn feeling...at night its worse & the burning goes down to my achilles heel. i wasn't like this b4 the procedure...and i was told i'd be sore for only 1-2 days. I cant get a hold of the dr who did the procedure so i can ask her....its even hard to walk....pain in my knee & lower leg when walking. is this normal? did it happen to any of u guys? could the drs have hit a nerve during procedure & irritated it??


02-21-2019, 04:51 PM
A nerve could be bruised or irritated for sure...if this is the case, it will take longer than a few days, but it will get better.

Why can you not reach the doctor who performed the procedure? Can you reach a nurse in his office so that they can communicate with the doctor and call you back?