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11-13-2003, 03:50 PM
About a year ago I went to a salon to have my hair relaxed. I should have researched it a little more because I found out later that what the stylist did was put perming solution in my hair and just combed it straight (my hair is very thick with cork screw like curls) and of course all this did was fry my hair. So, I have been doing a lot of research and I want to get a real relaxer. I went to a salon today for a consulation and the stylist told me that because I had the perming solution done about a year ago, I still have to wait another year before it should be relaxed (she just looked at my hair and tugged on it, she didn't do a strand test). I am looking for a second opinion just to make sure (I really don't want to have to wait a year). Now I am 20, my hair is just below my shoulders, the perming solution is the only thing that I have ever had done chemically, and my hair is healthy and strong. I just want to know, should I wait another year or would it be safe to have it done now? If you will post or email me at [removed], I would greatly appreciate it.

11-13-2003, 04:30 PM
I also have thick wavy hair, with corkscrew curls in humity.
I always relaxed my hair myself. Decided to take a chance, and it turned out just fine. At first it feels real stiff like straw, but after a few shampoos it gets soft. I have pretty strong hair though.
I really don't think you need to wait a year. Maybe about 3-4 mths. You can tell when your hair is ready. Take a couple strands of the permed hair and pull on it yourself, and see how strong it is, if it stretches out before snapping apart, that's good, but if it just breaks right away, then you may have to wait.
Every relaxer kit has directions for a strand test. Test out a strip of your hair and see what happens with it.
When you get ready to do it, make sure you have a wide tooth plastic comb and comb starting from the bottom up when the cream is in. If you rinse it to soon, it wont work. I leave the relaxer in for the longest time it gives, not over. And your going to want to take off all jewelry. You should make sure you put vaseline around your hairline, cuz it can burn if it stays on your skin to long.
Good luck:)