View Full Version : Neurontin question

11-25-2003, 09:20 AM
I was prescribed Neurontin by a pain management doctor (Anesthesiologist); I am up to 3x a day as prescribed.

I'm not sure if it is coincidence, but the sciatic pain that I have been experiencing for the last 4 months seems to be diminished since I've been on Neurontin.

Does anyone have long term experience with this medication? I am about to schedule surgery and now I'm hesitant because I feel better--"better", not great or even good, just not in excruciating pain all the time. I fear that I will postpone the surgery and then once the medication wears off, I will be right back where I started pain-wise.

Does Neurontin permanently eliminate pain or does its effects last only as long as you are taking it?