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12-25-2003, 09:05 PM
I'm just ending my Accutane treament. My skin looks great however I've recently become VERY concerned about how thing my hair is and I'm thinking it's most likely due to the Accutane. WHat I want to know is - will it grow back?

12-26-2003, 08:51 AM
Hello Weez,

I also recently finished a 4 month accutane treatment. I actually quite a month early because of my hair loss. I got scared. My acne did not completely clear because of this but so far ok.

My hair did get a little better, I'm still loosing more hair than usual but nothing dramatic. The doctor told me that it should grow back no problem, just give it time. Your new cells have to recieve the vitamins and oils that accutane has been blocking. Just be patient.

Good luck :)

12-27-2003, 01:45 AM
Is hair loss with Accutane pretty common with most users or just a select few? I was told that hair loss is possible but I'm really just wanna know what are my chances of it happening before I start taking it.

William "Trigger" Thompson

12-27-2003, 05:03 PM
I took Accutane for 6 months and in about the 3rd month my hair started falling out. It mostly came out when it was wet or when I brushed it. I still continued taking Accutane for the rest of my course though. I have been off Accutane for about a year and my hair DID grow back, so I wouldn't stress about it too much. Also, I heard that hairloss occurs in about 10% of Accutane users.