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01-07-2004, 06:51 PM
I guess i will just face it....I cannot quite taking codeine!! I have tried and tried quitting but i always feel SO bad i go back to them. I cannot handle the depression, anxiety and not being able to sleep! I have to work a lot too--i think that is the hardest! When WD'ing it is so hard to work everyday. And these stupid pills are EVERYWHERE which makes it so tempting. I have tried to stop for about two yrs and never make it over a week! I see SO many of you who are trying to stop and THIS SUCKS! Why is this so hard? Anyway, those of you who have quite--HOW??? God i just feel so terrible. And this is just my first day off of them. My eye's really hurt and i know i will not be able to sleep. The worst thing is knowing day 2, 3 and 4 are the worst. And i have to work about 12 hrs everyday. Sorry-i guess i just wanted to complain to someone-i could NEVER tell my husband i am addicted. Will this ever end? Rhiannon

01-07-2004, 09:57 PM
Hi, Rhiannon,

I don't know that much about codeine, but I don't think coming off of it is as bad as hydrocodone. But it probably depends upon how much and for how long. Phil is a regular poster here (except he's sick now and hasn't posted in a little while) who gave me a very specific taper plan that I am hoping to stick to and stop being dependent on pills. I have only been on this board for a few weeks, but it is great and if you read through the posts, it will explain many different options (tapering, subutex, treatment centers). You can beat it! But you have to fight hard. Good luck to you and hope you get some more answers to your questions.


01-08-2004, 05:15 AM
hi rhiannon-
codeine is an opiate-like any other-it just a tad milder/than some of the others but still addictive.
The reason its so hard..is the illness/w the depression/lack of sleep-you know the routine..i couldn't really stay off the opiates..so im a suboxone addict now.
But hopefully ill be able to come off this in the future but for now-replacement therapy is working for me.
You can also use the subox for detox-have you ever been in treatment or a detox program?Do you always try cold turkey?
Maybe seeking an addictionologist-may help you w/ a w/d program.
Good luck hon-and im rootin'forya!
Let us know how you are feeling!

01-08-2004, 07:44 AM
Thanks for the concern and advice! that makes me feel a little better. Actually i guess it is hydrocodone i am taking--i didn't know the difference. Anyway i am taking anything from loratab, oxycontin (sometimes) ultram, darvacet--basically whatever i can get. I already gave in and cheated this morning but only with a 7.5. At least i am not shaking now. I just do not want my family or friends to know. it is so weird how normal you look when your taking the pills but when you quite you look so messed up.

Yes, i have tried tapering but that did not work at all. i cannot stop myself from taking more and more. It just seems like when you have to do something difficult or something goes wrong in your day you find a reason to take another pill. I am pathetic--i feel like i cannot even do something as simple as go grocery shopping without a pill! Anyone else do that? To make matters worse the only guy i told about my pill problem told me that this was all in my head and that if i wouldn't think about it i would be fine! Whatever! i wish it was that simple.

Your prob right--i may need some sort of treatment program but i just do not want my family and friends to know. i keep thinking i can do this C/t but i just don't know. I hate the idea of these programs. i just want to do it on my own. Maybe i will try ONE more time--if i can't maybe treatment is the answer. Thanks to all concerned and good luck to you too. We all have to beat this somehow!! If i figure something out to make it easier i will fill you in...................................... ........................................ ......Rhiannon