View Full Version : Are Docotrs Ever Punished?

01-07-2004, 07:54 PM
I was diagnosed with Epilespy a few years ago and after a seizure I would hurt very bad from head to toe. I had 2 different Doctors at the time & was in no way shape or form "seeking". I did not have to seek anything! They handed me muscle relaxers like crazy. I truely feel I was dependant on them and I allways had a bottle. The rx was for 150 with 6 refills. I had that same script from 2 different Docotrs. I was never talked to about abusing them or anything. Well I was a lucky one. I was taking them way to often on a daily basis rather I needed them or not. It was like a habit to go look for that little bottle just as I noticed my little "buz" begining to fade. I have no idea how many a day I was taking, but I know it was a lot. Well, I found out that I was pregnant and as soon as I found out, I never took another pill. I was a lucky one.

I have been reading all of your posts and have been so proud of each and every one of you guys. I was in my bathroom tonight "baby proofing" for my 1 year old daughter and I came across several bottles. I was so tempted to take them. I have no idea why I would have even thought that & I was so angry at myself. I took all the pills and flushed them & threw the bottles in the trash. That is when I noticed that 1 script was for 900 YES 900 muscle relaxers. & I had bottles from 2 different Doctors (that worked together) that were giving me access to that many pills. & I am sorry but that just ****** me off. Do they ever have to take blame when they give us that kind of access and then we become dependant on these meds? I just do not think it is right.

Luckily I never ran into the problem of seeking & I do not know how often I could have re-filled the bottles but I know there are RX's all over town that I could have gone to.

I am sorry for ranting, but I just do not understand how they can be so irresponsible with peoples lives.

Each of you are in my prayers & I wanted to let you know that from reading your story's here is what made me flush all those pills. I truely think that if I would have taken those few tonight that it would have been nothing but a downhill slide. I want to thank you all for that.



01-07-2004, 08:43 PM
Yes, they are punished. The doctor that kept giving my mother lortabs (which she died from because of an accidental overdose) ended up in prison. Apparantely, she wasn't the only one he was feeding and he is still serving time right now. I believe what comes around goes around and everyone's time will come. I'm proud of you for getting rid of them.