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04-20-2004, 10:30 AM
Has anyone successfully gotten rid of a UTI without antibiotics? If so, what did you do? I bought some cranberry juice and am internet surfing to see what else helps but thought maybe those with experience could offer some advice. Thanks.

04-20-2004, 12:14 PM
I believe it depends on how far the infection has progressed. If you have the beginning of a UTI, you may very well be able to get rid of it by using Cranberry Juice or a good brand of Standardized Cranberry Capsules. Also, D-Mannose would be an even better bet for getting rid of it. However, if the infection has spread up the Urinary Trac into your kidneys, you`re going to need anti-biotics. A simple UTI would produce burning while urinating. A more advanced UTI would probably cause a fever. If the Cranberry Juice dosen`t help you in a day or two, you had better make plans to see your doctor. Left unchecked, you could wind up in the hospital.

04-20-2004, 01:08 PM
Thanks. I believe it is in the early stage because it only started burning a little last night. Prior to that I mostly felt pressure and the need to go plus just didn't feel good. I have had a kidney infection before and had terrible back pain, which I don't have now. But my plan was just to try the juice, etc. for a few days then call the doc if I don't feel better, as you suggested. Thanks again.

04-21-2004, 02:56 PM
I went to the doctor when I got a UTI and he said there is no home remedy for this kind of problem. He presribed me some medication and I went on my way. Then I found out you could buy UTI meds over the counter without going to see a doctor.. I wonder if those are better? I do wonder though if someone knows a secret about curing UTIs on there own.. It would be so much better then payiing for meds.

04-21-2004, 10:57 PM
What over-the-counter meds are you referring to?

Also, your doctor is wrong about there not being a home remedy for a UTI, but they're not taught to suggest that; they're taught to treat. Cranberry juice or the capules didn't do a thing for me except raise my sugar level. The juice you need to drink the unsweetened variety, which I understand isn't really fit to drink as is. The pills may help some but they didn't help me. The only thing that has is D-Mannose (Clear Tract). Expensive but worth every penny. I would get a UTI every 2-3 months, sometimes more often. I've been using the D-Mannose since September and no problems since. Now, I did try stopping it not too long ago, just to see if I could, and I ended up with the beginnings of an infection starting. Took the D-Mannose for three days like it says and felt fine afterwards. Also, there's an old-wives tale about using baking soda to cure an infection, but it turned out to actually work, as this is what they used years and years ago before they even had meds to treat it. I even know someone who used this method and her UTI went away. If you catch it right away, you can usually clear it up on your own, but if you let it go until the bacteria has mulriplied and has a good foothold, then you may need antibiotics so it doesn't spread to the kidneys.

04-22-2004, 12:32 AM
I read somewhere not to use baking soda because it can cause serious damage, but if it worked for you who knows lol. I had my UTI for about 2 weeks.. I had no idea what it was from or what it was even.. it was my first one. I thought it might have been an allergic reaction to a condom or something so I let it slide, but it kept getting worse and worse until the point where it burned and bleed all the time when I went to bathroom and I couldnt walk anymore.. I knew that was a problem. Oh I was talking about the over counter drugs that walmart sells.. I noticed them the other day when I went to buy a pregnancy test.. they have UTI meds sitting right above... along with yeast infection creams and condoms. lol.

05-06-2004, 11:13 PM
Yes there is but the medical profession does not want this known. Colloidal silver is the antobiotic that has no side effects at all. Two studies done by BYU and Texas university showed the 2.5 ppm of silver destroyed all bacteria that is now the super bug and even Vancomycin will not kill it Colloidal silver does. I have asymtomatic UTI at over 1 million on the culture disc. They wanted to give me poison in quinolines and I refused so I started taking 100 microgram a day then upped to stages of 100 till I am taking 600 mcg a day. Saturday I will see if it helps or if I have to go higher in dosage because I was not on it for but 5 days before the other test sample was taken.

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You see silver was the only antibiotic before all the new drugs (poisons) were created and it fell into disuse. Only the older Dr's remember and the new ones? Forget about them learning this age old remedy. But you have to watch what you buy. I am sending a sample to this lab of what I bought to see if it lives up to the advertisement

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As you can see you can get ripped off very easily. Takes some research but the lab site will tell you what to look out for. You can even make it yourself
Silver kills all bacteria and Viruses which antibiotics will not kill viruses. And there are no side effects to deal with. It's used on pets, horses cattle and everything you can think you can get. Even shingles is cured. even plant fungus is destroyed by silver so search for colloidal silver on the net and you will be suprised as to what it will kill
Big Al

05-07-2004, 06:21 PM
Ok people I got the lab tests back on the UTI. They came back absolutely clean. All three bacteria are gone. The colloidal silver did the trick and no side effects at all.

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05-09-2004, 08:05 AM
Colloidal Siver`s use was stopped many years ago due to the fact that it`s use causes Argyria, a condition where the skin is permanently dyed gray. This condition has no know cure. Silver products back then were said to cure practically everything, even Aids. Usually when something sounds too good to be true it usually is, however, I am going to research this a little more now. I`m assuming the lab you speak of will test the Collidal Silver you buy to make sure it is the proper type to use to avoid getting Argyria and having discolored skin the rest of your life ! It still seems kinds risky to me and everyone here should know this. Sometimes, good products are taken off the market for dumb reasons however sometimes they are taken off the market for the good of all. Your post was very interesting to say the least.

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