View Full Version : MY fiancee has these white recurring bumps....

05-24-2004, 11:46 PM

This is kinda gross, sorry.
I"m kinda confussed...
on his penis. hes been gettign them off and on for the past 3months... he says they dont hurt.. burn or anything. the thing is is about a month ago i started getting a couple... same as him.. no burning or iching.. i had my yearly pap smear done.. i didnt have anything... zip.. nothing.... i'm confessed because WE dont know what it is... he thinks it might be gental warts or something but.. wouldnt i have gotten it or//and showed up on my test results? wounldt there be more systoms?..
can any one anwser this for me please?

05-25-2004, 11:15 AM
It sounds to me like genital warts. They don't show up on tests. They come from HPV which is an std that is very common and a lot of people have and don't even know it. There are different strains of HPV. Some cause warts, and others don't. You both probably have a strain of HPV that causes warts. The next thing you should know is that HPV/warts can cause abnormal cell growths on your cervix. This may or may not happen. It all depends on your nutrition and your immune system. If your immune system is not strong enough... you could develop some abnormal cell changes on your cervix which they call.. mild/moderate/or/sever dysplasia. This is not to alarm you! If you go in for your regular paps, you will be fine, because they can detect this early and take the proper precautions needed to remove the abnormal cells. Just go to your gyno regularly, because if left untreated... these cells could turn into cervical cancer. I would discuss this with your doctor, because your symptoms sound like HPV/warts to me. I know because I have HPV as well and I just had some abnormal cells removed from my cervix. I would see your doctor about this issue.. and good luck! P.S.- the HPV virus has little or no effect on men's health)

05-25-2004, 05:42 PM
hello, thats the thing in my last pap smear she said my cervix looked great...she basically said everything looked great.. other then a small case of BV... The other thing.. my fiancee has been getting them off and on for the past 3 months... and ive been with him for 8 months... wouldnt they have shown up before that? and the othe wierd thing is.. after he's had them on his penis for about a weeks he can sit there and rub them and they practaiclly fall off... oh and its not very big.. i dont know how to discribe it.... about 3/4's the size of an eraser on a #2 pencil and white... i have 2 that are smaller then that ... and there not in me,its closer to the clitorios... and then one about an inch from the opening...and there just started shwoing up about a month ago.. just like my fiancee ..they dont bug me... its just there doesnt burn, itch, or cause and annoynce. i'm still kinda confussed ..any who... thank you for you reply

05-26-2004, 10:45 AM
Hey Crazygirl~ I understand that your pap didn't show anything abnormal, but warts are untestable. Nothing will show up in your blood test, pap smear or STD testing for this. Your Dr. has to diagnose them on her own by looking at them. Did you have the bumps when you saw your Dr.? Also- it is normal for warts to have no itching or redness... they are kind of just there.. they don't usually cause any pain or anything like that. I would suggest looking online at pictures of genital warts to compare your bumps to them. The next thing you should know is that if you do have genital warts (which it sounds like you do to be honest) then you also have HPV, because warts come from HPV. Many people like I said before have HPV and don't even know it, because they don't test for it. A lot of people have no symptoms at all. There are tons of different strains of HPV. Only a few strains cause warts, and the other strains of HPV don't. You probably have the strain that causes bumps or warts. So, if you do indeed have warts/HPV, then you just need to be extra cautious and make sure that you go in for your paps yearly, maybe even more frequently than that. It is definatley GREAT news that this recent pap came out normal. This means that if u do have warts/HPV it is not active right now, and it is not effecting the cells on your cervix. BUT- this can change in the matter of days, weeks or months. They say that if you eat proper nutrition, take a daily vitamin, and don't smoke, this decreases the chance of HPV/warts to cause abnormal changes on your cervix.

So: If I were you, I would see your Doctor soon and show her your bumps. Or if you don't have any at this time, have your fiance go in and show his doctor his. They can diagnose this by looking at them. It is very important to know if this is what you have, because as I stated earlier... it could cause cervical cancer.... (Don't worry though... it takes a long time for your cervical changes to progress to this point, and if you go in for your yearly paps... they will detect the changes before it progresses to cancer) I hope I am not scaring you by explaining this to you. I just want to help you. I went through the same thing you are right now.. and I wish someone would have explained this better to me. I didn't understand the whole HPV thing and all the cervical changes that could occur.. but I now do.. and I would like to share my knowledge with others to help them!!!!!! Please let me know how everything is!

05-26-2004, 10:48 AM
The other thing I forgot to tell you is... warts may lye dormant.. (meaning you won't see bumps sometimes... this is probably what was going on when your boyfriend didn't have any for the first 5 months you were dating.) They can show up at anytime and leave at anytime. So whether or not you gave it to him.. or he gave it to you.. is unknown... (unless one of you had no other sexual partners.. then you know who gave it to who!!!!!!!) I am not a Dr. and I can't tell you for certain that this is what you have.. but it just sounds sooo much like this... so PLEASE see your Dr ASAP!