View Full Version : pain and heavy bleeding after sex

07-27-2004, 12:57 PM
a few weeks ago i started having wiv my gf, i split her (she told me), afterwards she bled quite a bit and was in a lot of pain, in her stomach, not long ago when i posted this we had sex, she didnt complain when we were having sex (actuly said it was feeling gd), afterwards when we stopped there was a lot of blood round the condom and it had split, she took the morning after pill, now she has stabbing pains in her stomach, very different from when i split her, she doesnt want 2 c a doctor but im rli worried about her, wot could the problem b, im just rli lost, im sure theres something not right, i dont kno wot 2 do :confused:

07-27-2004, 01:08 PM
Wow man, sounds like alot going on here. Hope I've got some of the details right, if not...please let me know. First, some bleeding may be possible as a result of several things, approaching her montly cycle or during it while having sex, possibly breaking the hymen (sounds like that wasnt' an issue though) and maybe things being too dry or even rough. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "spliting her"...unless you are really well endowed or she is really tiny or things were incredibly rough, I can't imagine that happening. Now, if you are large or things were rough, the pain in her stomach may be from deep thrusting or hitting her cervix, which is supposed to be quite painful. All of that to say that the bleeding you're describing sounds excessive and of concern. If you're asking whether or not she could be pregnant, I really don't know. Sounds like the condom tore in one of these encounters so maybe??? I'd say that she needs to see a doc, soon. And I'd advise nothing sexual (penetration) until you guys get some answers. Please feel free to respond to any of this as I'm sure some of us will be glad to help you try and figure this out. Hang in there bud, I know this is tough on you and sounds like its bothering you alot.

07-27-2004, 01:56 PM
erm, i cant rli explain the splitting thing, erm, i've heard it called a few things but im not rli sure wot it is, i dont kno if popping her cherry would help at all

there was deep pelvic thrusting, she just came off 2 days ago, we did have sex while she was on, but there was a lot less blood and she wasnt in pain afterwards

i dont think she's pregnant (i didnt ejaculate) im just rli worried that she's got something seriously wrong with her, i think she's goping 2 c a doctor 2moro, im going 2 try and get her 2 go with me

thx 4 the help so far, i think it could explain some of the problems but i think im still gonna take her 2 the doctors, u've eased the wieght on my mind

07-29-2004, 02:16 PM
heya, this is crabids gf we done it again and this time i didnt bleed at all, there wasnt any pain accept from when he inserted his penis into me, we have now resumed normal sexual relations