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08-21-2004, 12:12 PM
hey, i am new to this board. i've searched the internet all over to find held on whats going on with me. then i was lucky to find this place, PEOPLE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE, I LIKE THAT. well heres my problem

1. for about 3 months, i have noticed a little bit of bright red blood on the toilet paper only after a BM. but i DONT notice blood in the stool

2. about 5 months ago i started having problems going to the restroom. i would end up going, but i had to really push for the stool to come out, after i would end up with a headache.

3. i dont really have problems with the stool coming out anymore, but i have noticed that after i go to the restroom, and am wiping, i notice that there is no (sorry form my langueage) poop on the toilet paper, just a very small amount of blood. i only really got to wipe once, no matter how much the BM was. i guess you can say its dry or something.

4. i notice that recently i have been having frequent gas problems, i feel like i need to let one out every minute or something

i just was hoping you people could held me with this problem, maybe you can tell me whats going on or what you think it is.

08-21-2004, 06:27 PM
hi there...

i've had something very similar for a while. i've had stomach problems since i was young, and while going thru various tests they discovered an anal fissure, which causes blood after a bowel movement. basically, what it is, is a cut or tear that gets reopened because of a bowel movement. it can be painful, especially if your stool is not on the soft side. there is an antibiotic that you can get from your doctor, and they usually recommend taking a fiber supplement or eating more fiber in your diet in order to soften your stool. in order to tell if you have an anal fissure, they do have to do a quick exam with their finger. it is a little uncomfortable, but not painful at all. the best thing to do is relax, even though that sounds rather impossible.

i hope this helps and relaxes some of your concerns. it is pretty alarming to see blood after a bowel movement. if you have any other questions, i'd be glad to help if i can. [ removed ]

Take care.