View Full Version : Hypertrophic Anal Papillae????

08-24-2004, 11:24 AM
Hi! Looking for some input from someone who may have experienced this or knows anything about it. I had PPH, hemorroidectomy, and an external thrombosis removed 5 days ago. My main problem though was what my doctor called a hypertrophic anal papillae. When sitting on the toilet the skin around my rectum would swell up, and on the back side I would get a golf ball size swelling. The swelling was smooth and under the skin, but would block my rectum off, making it hard to have a bowel movement, or making me FEEL like I was having one when really I wasn't. I can't tell you how many times I would sit on the toilet thinking I was going and in immense pain and pressure, then finally reach back there and realize the only thing there was the swelling, when I was convinced I had half a bowel movement hanging out.

He said he would "excise" this part as well, but the swelling is still there and I feel no stiches in the area like there are on the thrombosis he excised. I don't think he did anything to it, and that was the main thing I wanted done! Has anybody else had a hypertrophic papillae along with their hemorrhoids, and did the doc do anything to it? I know surgery causes swelling, but this is the EXACT same swelling as I had BEFORE surgery, and if he did "excise" this as he said he was going to, wouldn't there be some stitches?

UGH. This stinks.

Thanks in advance for any help.