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08-25-2004, 07:48 AM
My son went to a cleanout clinic and has been on Miralax for 4 weeks now. he gets full dose once a day. He has been doing okay with the potty but has accidents. Some big running down his leg with a pull up on and some just leaking a little. I called Dr. and he said to cut back dose of Miralax by 1 teaspoon. I also asked what time of day would be best to give it to him, but they couldn't give me any idea! I am so nervous about him going to kindergarten and now this to worry about. Do I just send him in pull ups and hope? I don't know how the school will deal with it if he does have an accident. Any advice from anybody would be greatly appreciated. I just want him to enjoy school.

08-25-2004, 10:44 PM
I don't understand why your pre-school son is taking a laxative for 4 weeks. What sort of problem does he Have?
As you know Miralax is a Prescription laxative an Osmotic type meaning it draws liquid to the bowels for BMs. It is in the same class with Milk of Magnesia, Magnesia Citrate and Epson Salt -- it is the safest type but laxatives are only suppose to be used for short periods. With this type laxative-- when you got to go --- you go --- regardless of where you are --- that is just the way it works.
I think it is almost certain that his school experience will be terrible having accidents around other children--- they are not very sympathetic. Children can be very cruel to each other in some situations.

I certainly hope you figure out a solution before school???

God Bless---Harry

08-25-2004, 11:35 PM
I ditto Harry....I don't get it, a clean-out clinic????


08-26-2004, 12:39 PM
Please don't send your son to school until he can handle his own accidents; not only will he have a terrible time, I'm almost certain you'll be asked to remove him until the problem is solved. Teachers may be sympathetic, but they are not health care workers and you can not expect them to clean up after that kind of situation on any ongoing basis. Aside from definitely not being in their job description, it takes time away from the other children in their care. Sending your child to kindergarten now will only result in public humiliation for him -- please get this sorted out first.

Good luck,


10-15-2004, 05:48 PM
My son was 5 and the GI doctor put him on a couple Tablespoons of mineral oil morning and night. I mixed it with ice cream so it would taste good. It took about 6 months, and he still wore the pull-ups for quite a while. It wasn't an overnight thing. But we were able to ease off the mineral oil a little after every month. High fiber diet also helps. Nectar was also recommended by our doctor. In the juice aisle at walmart, looks like a can of pop. Look at the labels...I've found Mango Nectar has 5 grams of fiber.

Good luck.

10-15-2004, 09:39 PM
u could give him the dose as soon as he comes home from school,that way he has bowel movement before going back to school the next day.the doctor put my daughter on miralax to for a while and i stopped giving it to her and just added more fiber to her diet.she also eats alot of raisins.and she has regular bowel movements now.

Luka Mullens
11-18-2004, 08:40 AM
Do not give it in the evening, because it is much better if he can have a bowel movement and then go to bed. Seeing that he went to a clean out clinic, you absolutely need to make sure he does a BM every day, getting glogged up again happens very very fast, and I am sure you do not want to do a complete clean out again!
Also, do not keep him home, this is not his fault, not yours, it is a medical problem and he should not have to miss school for it.
Miralax is not habit forming, if your son needs it to prevent chronic constipation, he needs it!!! You can safely use all these stomach friendly laxatives for years if need be! (do not use the aggressive mineral oil, that will do much damage).
Also, talk to his teacher, the school counselor (if the school has one) and the school nurse (if the school has one). They all need to know what is ahppeneing to your son. Ask them for help, give them handouts to read about soiling, encopresis and what not, make sure they get the problem!! Make sure they also understand your son does not really have a choice in this, it happens, and he can't help it.
My advise would be to give him the Miralax (in juice!) on an empty stomach, then give him an extra glass to drink (juice, water, milk, doesn't matter really) and feed him his breakfast. Then, when he is done, let him sit on the toilet for a while. There is a reflex that starts the intestines after a meal.

Good luck!


11-18-2004, 04:52 PM
I just wanted to let others know that in young children, prescribing a laxative for an extended course of time is very common, and it prevents many problems later on. I was told to give my 3 year old daughter lactulose (an osmotic laxative) every day for at LEAST 6 months. The idea is to cause her colon to shrink back down (it swells up in kids who don't poo for days at a time). As the colon expands, it is able to hold more, and then the poo that's in there hardens, and the more liquid stuff will sneak out, most of the time without the child realizing it. You need to get the child to go on a regular basis, to help the colon shrink back so it is not able to hold huge amounts anymore. If untreated, this will cause permanent loss of sensation. Laxatives in children are usually not habit forming. A different solution I have found, since after a month on lactulose, my daughter decided she wouldn't take the stuff, nor would she drink anything I put it in, I started to give her small amounts of what I call, "candy cereal"...All Bran Psyllium Buds. I tell her it's candy, and that she can only have a small amount. This gets her excited, so she eats it (you really don't need much, maybe 1 tablespoon or two per day) Just make sure your son drinks something after, since it needs liquids to expand it in the intestines. This has been working like a charm for the past month. Best wishes to you and your son!