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09-11-2004, 04:21 PM
Hello everybody,
I was wondering what anyone thinks my syptoms could mean
I was having problems with my inner ear about two months ago, I was very dizzy. Well I panicked all the time and cried. I did not eat a lost a looot of weight. I went from 120 to 103 and I'm 5'4,Its hard to eat when you feel so dizzy. The doctor said I have fluid in my ears and gave me some flonase. It lightened up a bit but now my nerves are shot. Anyway, I was starteng to eat more when I A burning sensation in my stomach with bloating. I was givin prevacid and no longer have the burn but I have horrible bloated I feel it everywhere, My chest my throat my ribs. I am also nauseas.I was tested for H pylori and it came back negative, Do you think it is nerves along with not eating. I dont understand I eat very small and still get very bloated. Please someone help. It gets so bad I cant take a deep breath. I have a doctor appointment this monday and wondering if there is anything I should discuss with the doctor. My stomach also makes funny noises also. I feel like there is a pit in my stomach. Someone please help me. I forgot to mention, Sometimes it feels like the muscles in my neck are tight and they hurt. I also have post nasal drip

09-11-2004, 04:37 PM
Hi. You know I had and eating promblem when I was in my late teens (I m not saying you have one) but I rarely ever ate and once I started to recoop and eat regularly I had the exact same things. I think it was partly because I was afraid of eating and I think it is the same with you because of your ear. Its like a sub contious thing. And the grumbling is probly because your stomach isn't used to having to digest food. I hope I helped you out a little, unfortionatly this is only my opinion and if you still feel uneasy talk to your doctor. Keep your chin up. :angel:


09-12-2004, 11:33 AM
leelee a lot of people are having bloating problems with the burning sensation and noises you mentioned. Keep us posted as were all trying to figure out whats causing this.

As you stated eating really seems to have no effect, good luck fighting!

09-12-2004, 06:09 PM
Leelee, Some of your stymptoms sound a lot like a thyroid problem...dizziness, shortness of breath, neck stiff and hurting...thyroid problems can throw your whole body out of whack as the thyroid plays a major part in all major organs of the body...I also had a lot of sinus problems before I was diagnosed..one of the most misdiagnosed illnesses but is normally very easy to correct...wouldn't hurt to ask for a blood test...don't have to fast before the test. You get a better test if you're not on hormones...sometimes hormones can mask a thyroid problem. Good luck, Cathy