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09-22-2004, 08:08 PM
hi all, this is kind of a disgusting post, but i have to see if anyone has ever heard of this...
my mother has been having constipation problems for a while. we arent sure why, but she is on pain meds for a serious back disorder, so maybe thats why. but here is the real problem...
if mom has to go to the bathroom, and she can't at the moment (if someone is in the bathroom or something like that) some of the feces come out of her vagina. This happens very rarely , and only if she doesnt go when she feels the need to. and only a very small amount comes out when this happens. i know this sounds really gross, but she hasnt told the doctor yet because she is embarrased. i told her this could mean something serious. but one more thing...
she has blood work done for back surgery, and they found that her platlet count is really low. so they did an ultra sound and found that she has an enlarged spleen. would this have anything to do with her problem ???
please help, any advice is appreciated. thanks. --concerned daughter.

09-22-2004, 10:35 PM
Sorry about your Mom's problem!!
As you know This is not normal and she should tell her Doctor. She should consider it a medical condition that really needs attention.

The Gastro system is not connected to the vagina and can only hapen if there is a tubeular growth called a fistula between them. This can and does happen in people that have Crohn's Disease. It is a serious Irritable Bowel Disease and needs medical attention ASAP.

Fistulas can grow to any organ in the abdomen.

God Bless---Harry