View Full Version : Stools almost white?

09-26-2004, 12:45 PM
Hi All!

I've had trouble off and on for the past few years with my bowel movements being really light colored. I've had some problems with bilirubin in my urine which they've not formally come up with an explanation for. I know that when this amount is high, it means I'm jaundiced and that jaundice can cause light colored stools. For the past couple weeks, however, they have been much darker than normal. I was thinking "YAY, I'm back to normal!," when today my hopes were crushed. My feces this morning were lighter than they've ever been- almost white! However, I'm not showing any signs of jaundice. Could this be caused by something other than liver/gallbladder? Could it simply be stress? (I've been under a tremedous amount of that lately.) Is it ever normal to have stools this light? I don't have health insurance, so trips to the doctor are on an emergency basis only. Therefore, any help you can give is truly appreciated! Thank You!

Hundtoft :wave: